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By February 22, 2016No Comments

The Exchange wishes to bring to the attention of the investing public the following new option or approach by which companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange can reach out to shareholders regarding circulation of annual reports. This new option or approach satisfies Section 335A of the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179) as per the Companies (Amendment) Act of 2012, Act 835.
The new option or approach requires listed companies which choose to adopt same to apply as many, if not all, of the four steps itemised below as possible.
(a)    Collect email addresses of company’s shareholders from the Central Securities Depository Ghana Limited (CSD) and send an electronic version of the annual report by email to such holders. 

(b)    Give prior notice of: (i) a date; and (ii) a widely circulating newspaper and on the said date publish the full version of the following documents required by the Companies Act of 1963 in the said newspaper: Statement of Comprehensive Income; Statement of Financial Position; Statement of Cash Flows; Directors’ Report; and Auditors’ Report.
(c)    Put the full electronic version of the annual report containing the financial statements on the website of the company and inform shareholders of same.

(d)    Make a limited number of hard copies of the annual report available at the grounds of the annual general meeting for use by shareholders who would attend the annual general meeting. 

Issued in Accra, this 19th day of February, 2016

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