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Access to transparent and
cost-efficient ETF products

The GSE supports all stakeholders in the ETF market – helping investors gain exposure to a range of investment strategies, geographic regions, and asset classes.

All ETFs can be bought as simply as buying a share. At the GSE, we combine leading customer service and support with enhanced trading, execution, and unparalleled exposure to the ETF community. The GSE champions transparency by making information relating to ETFs, including underlying portfolio holdings and fees easily accessible. No ‘active management’ fees to worry about.

ETFs, Ghana Stock Exchange

Why invest in ETFs on the GSE

Joining the Ghana Stock Exchange allows firms superior market access, technology solutions, industry expertise, and data products that drive performance every day.

  1. Access a larger and rapidly growing pool of capital in the world
  2. Comprehensive sell-side research and coverage
  3. Experienced, high-quality advisory community
  4. Dynamic, fair, and balanced and fair regulatory environment and legal framework
  5. Robust market technology and leading market surveillance
  6. Established levels of stable liquidity
  7. Multiple routes to market to suit different types of issuers and different funding routes

Become a GSE Listed Company

The GSE community of listed companies is a collection of businesses and investors guided by a dedication to create an efficient securities market