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A Versatile Trading Platform for Diverse Financial Instruments

The Over the Counter (OTC) Market provides a centralized and efficient platform for trading a wide range of financial instruments, offering opportunities for both issuers and investors in securities beyond traditional exchange listings.

The Over the Counter (OTC) market, managed by the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), offers a centralized platform for trading securities of companies not listed on any of the GSE’s markets. This market was established with the primary aim of creating a fair, orderly, and efficient trading environment for securities issued by public companies outside of the GSE’s listings. These OTC Rules, formulated by the GSE under its securities exchange license, are approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in accordance with the Securities Industry Act (SIA), 2016, as amended by the SIA, 2021.

The OTC market facilitates the trading of diverse financial instruments, including ordinary shares, preference shares, derivatives, depositary receipts, and securities issued by collective investment schemes such as unit trusts, mutual funds, hedge funds, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). This platform serves as an alternative for companies that may not meet the requirements of traditional exchanges, providing investors with opportunities to trade a broader range of instruments.

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