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Final Dividend
IIL announces that the Company’s Directors will be recommending to the shareholders at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, the payment of a final dividend of GH¢0.0044 per share for the 2019 financial year.

Qualifying date
All shareholders registered in the books of IIL at the close of business on Friday, 10 th July,
2020 will qualify for the final dividend.

Closure of Register
The Register of shareholders will be closed from Monday, 13th July, 2020 to Tuesday, 14th July, 2020 (both dates inclusive).

Ex-Dividend Date
In view of the foregoing, the ex-dividend date has been set as Wednesday, 8 th July, 2020.

Consequently, an investor purchasing IIL shares before this date will be entitled to the final dividend. However, an investor buying IIL shares on or after Wednesday, 8 th July, 2020 will not be entitled to the final dividend.

Dividend Payment Date
The final dividend will be paid on Monday, 17th August, 2020.

Issued in Accra, this 22nd day of June, 2020.