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AGA announces an increase in its share capital.

The issued ordinary shares of AGA increased to 403,941,430 as at November 30, 2014. This was as a result of the issue and listing of additional ordinary shares over the period on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, South Africa.

The issued shares are as detailed below:

AGA Share Incentive Scheme (November 2014) – 51,548 ordinary shares
Bokamoso ESOP Trust (conversion of 343,696 E-Ordinary Shares) – 147,034 “
OCI adjustment i.r.o. IZINGWE (2014 vesting of 350,000 ordinary shares) – 149,733

By this arrangement, AGA share capital has also been increased to 49,384,980,210.11 South African Rand.

Issued in Accra, this 26th
day of January, 2015.