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Societe Generale Ghana Limited

Company Name Societe Generale Ghana Limited
Stated Capital GHC 62,393,557.80
Nature of Business Banking and related services.
Date Incorporated SG took over from SSB to form SG-SSB Ltd. in 2003.
Date Listed October 13th. 1995
Registered Office C796 A/3. Ring Road Central Accra
Postal Address P.O. Box 13119. Accra-North.
Telephone 0
Fax 0
Email [email protected]
Types of Traded Securities Ordinary Shares of no par value
Issued Shares(GH) (mil.) 429.06
Directors Kofi Ampim, Gilbert Hie, Borut Vujcic, Jose Rebollar, Alexandre Maymat, Michel Miaille, Pierre Wolmarans Teresa Ntim, Nii Adja Nablah, Christian Celin, Kofi Asamoah, Bola Adesola Messrs. Arnaud De Gaudemaris George King Tongamou Wega