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We all dream of having a comfortable life where we can provide for our loved ones, treat ourselves occasionally, and have financial security. But achieving our dreams often requires having enough resources, pushing us to work harder and finding ways to earn more.

Being employed is the first thing that comes to mind when we say we need a steady source of income. But sometimes, our regular paycheck is not enough to support our ever-growing needs. Hence, rises the need for some passive income.


Wondering what is passive income?

Simply put, when you work as an accountant in a firm, you get a salary. This is your active income. Now when you invest a part of your salary and let the money work for you, it is called your passive income. Fortunately, you can start earning your passive income by investing in the Stock Market.


How safe is it to invest in the Stock Market?

Most people think investing in the stock market is risky. But, not to worry, it is a good place to start with. All companies have to report their results and are obligated to inform their investors if the company is in trouble. In addition to this, the companies listed on the stock market are liquid, and therefore, it is possible to sell and buy stock in a matter of seconds. As an investor, you have easy access to information that will help you make sound investments. In addition, if you invest in a fund, you are an investor in several companies and even less exposed to risk.


So, start investing today.

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